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The Arcane Order is a constellation of prominent Danish musicians, each of whom have left deep footprints on the international metal scene over the past more than 20 years. The Arcane Order first made a name for themselves with their debut album released in 2006 via the international Metal Blade Records. The band continued their conduct for the next decade until in 2016 they chose to take a release break in connection with the recruitment of new band members.

Recently they have finished their 4th album together with producer Jacob Hansen, and are ready to start a new and exciting chapter. With a new drummer and frontman the quartet are ready to take the singular expression of dark majestic ferocity to a whole new dimension.

With their 4th album “Distortions from Cosmogony” and this new ambitious line-up, the band is more hungry than ever. In addition to the band's founder, songwriter and lead guitarist Flemming C. Lund (ex-Invocator) and guitarist Kasper Kirkegaard (Hatesphere), the band now consists of bass player Anders Frodo, vocalist and lyricist Kim Song Sternkopf (MØL) and drummer Bastian Thusgaard (Soilwork).

The band's sound has historically always had an epic touch, based on Death- and Thrash Metal, but on the upcoming album, progressive music and not least Black Metal and an associated more esoteric sound has played a bigger role. The dark ambiance is converging with grand melodic soundscapes, which further are supported by keyboard and other effects to create a vast universe, in which the listener can spend a long time immersing himself into.

The overall thematic framework of the forthcoming album ‘Distortions from Cosmogony’ is based on the concepts of demonizations and idolization. The content of the songs are inspired by classical Greek mythological figures. Through the individual lyrics, The Arcane Order portrays Man's struggle between freewill and autonomy and the quest for comfort and security by submission to the will of Heroes, Monarchs and Gods.

Genre: Metal
Territory: Denmark