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Originally formed in early 2002 by S. and Hellpig, both active in the extreme metal underground since the early nineties, the filthy ugly beast that is Horned Almighty was puked from the gutters of Hell initially as a duo. First intented as a sideproject, Horned Almighty quickly became first priority and shortly after the first primitive demo had been recorded, the drum-throne was seized by Harm.

In 2004 material were written for three releases and after this, the stage was set for pure desecration and blasphemy! Five albums later, many shows later, tours and festivals later, the blasphemous bastards can celebrate 17 years of complete utter darkness and malicious mockery! The newest offering is the sixth album by Horned Almighty due in late 2019. Written over the course of five years, those of which being the most challenging ever in the history of the band. Delays, complications and life in general were obstacles, but slowly like the serpent Ouroboros eating it’s own tail, material took form and evolved into this manifest of malignancy. The entire album was approached with a no holds barred and no restrictions work effort, resulting in a musical equivalent to an epicenter slowly spreading death and destruction...

The most diverse material ever, yet still unquestionably true to the band’s formula, the album delivers equally fast and furious punkish black metal and heavy crushing doomy metal. Certain to enshroud the listener in a tour de force of the cruelty of mankind and relentlessness of nature. Recorded by the band itself and mixed by Quentin Nicollet, who is a former member of the cult.

Mixing the primitivism of Celtic Frost with the aggression of Discharge and the ugliness of Autopsy, all drenched in the eerie and disturbing rot of early nineties Black Metal. As one fan noted: ”This sounds like a fucking Missouri-class canon shot at the Vatican!”. Horned Almighty has proven they are no Sunday church choir on stage and has played many gigs and festivals in Denmark,Copenhell, United Metal Maniacs Germany, Inferno Festival Norway and a European tour with Glorior Belli in 2011. The music is intentionally written to destroy all boundaries on stage, crushing all doctrines and rules with their “Don’t give a shit” take on black metal, as a testament to all that is extreme!

S -Vokills & Preaching
Hellpig – Guitar & Deathsaw
Haxen – Bass & Hellfire
Harm – Drums & Skullpounding

Genre: Death-Blackmetal
Territory: Scandinavia