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Vanir has, since the band’s formation in the traditional viking city of Roskilde in 2010, released five full length albums, spanning musically from beer-guzzling high-energy Folk metal to a darker and more intense Death Metal infused brand of Viking Metal.

Allfather, the fifth and newest of these albums, continues this journey as the band immerse themselves in the history of the historic pagan Viking king Svend Tveskæg. The album thematically covers the life of Svend, his conquests, his battles and war with his father Harald, his subjugation of the Norse countries as well as England, and his eventual death. Svend stands as a historic father to the pagan north and the band seeks to illustrate this in evoking the greatest father-figure in norse mythology in the visuals of Odin and the name of the album.

Musically Vanir digs their teeth deeper into the melodic death metal infused with black and symphonic elements that characterized Aldar Rök, their fourth album. The music should feel huge and wicked, like a metal punch to the gut, followed by fervent feasting to the sun rises.
The band finds it musical inspiration in metal bands bands such as Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Satyricon and Ensiferum, as well as from sources closer to home, from traditional norse music and a love of orchestral music.

The themes of the band’s lyrics are still found amongst Norse mythology as well as historical interpretations of the deeds of the Vikings. It is Vanir’s goal to communicate these stories. To keep living history alive and to bridge the gap between man and myths. There is much that can be learned from history, and Vanir believes strongly that metal music has a role to play in keeping that history alive, and to convey the cultural traditions and aspects that they grew up influenced by.

The band however, also has a wish to seek out and expound on the many wars and historical events that have built the foundation of the world we know today. From the halls of Valhalla to the Germanic battlefields with their bloody conflicts and fierce warriors, the band’s music has been put together, without compromise, with a fascination with our common origins, and the blood spilled throughout history.

Genre: Folk/Viking/Death Metal
Territory: Scandinavia