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Redwood Hill (RWH) was formed in 2010 with the intent of morphing Post-Hardcore/metal with Norwegian black metal and instrumental Post-Rock.
Although initially thought as a pass time project, the band soon saw themselves in the spotlight when they landed a support gig in 2011 for Japanese Post-Rock legends Envy.
Spots at Roskilde festival and Copenhell followed in 2012 and the band has since played few, but prolific concerts with the likes of Deafheaven, Rosetta, The Ocean, The Secret. As well as two returns to Copenhell in 2014 and 2016, respectively, RWH has played Buma Rocks! A Collosal Weekend and SPOT Festival. The band is currently preparing the release of their third album Ender.
RWH’s music aims to convey feelings of despair, isolation, insanity and depression but not without leaving the listener with a glimpse of hope in the midst of the sombre musical and lyrical landscape.
RWH strive towards letting the music carry the conversation with the listener. To this end, the band has cultivated a somewhat introverted approach to concerts utilizing smoke, hoodies, backs turned to the audience and a minimum of verbal communication.
RWH has to date released two full-length albums, and EP and a 7”split:
2012 Descender
2013 Applewhite split w. Hexis
2014 Collider
2017 Fragments EP
The band plans to release their third album in the beginning of 2020.
The album, meant as the conclusion to a three album cycle, marks the end or a crossroad of sorts for the band, leaving the road ahead unknown.

Genre: Postmetal
Territory: Scandinavia